Ice cream company | Учет + EPR | A-TECHS
Ice cream company

Business description

Company produce a vegan gelato based on unique recipes.

3 retail stores, a manufacture facility, more than 18 employees.

The main task

Automated material flows of the company without any employees participation. Operation schedule: Ingredients purchase order, production order, transfer and delivery orders. Financial statements: P & L with cost calculation, Cash Flow and Balance.


The following A-TECHS solutions were integrated into this project.

  • Procurement Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Planning
  • Production Order Management
  • Shipment Management
  • Payroll
  • Balance
  • Cash Flow


Ingredients, Recipes, Products, Points of Sales, Employees, Cost Items


Purchase of ingredients, production, write-off of ingredients, next week production order prediction, delivery and purchase, salary calculation, taxes, calculation of cost and profit, sale, total expenses report


The project has used an integration with the point of sale – Square.

Data exchange: Inventory, Balances, Transactions, Staff time cards


  • Ordering supplies
  • Actual inventory balance
  • Optimal product line at all retail location
  • Optimal shipping quantity
  • Optimal production orders
  • More than 4 hours daily been saved
  • Business profit increased by 20%