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Logistic company

Business description:

The logistic company transports all sort of good from India and China straight to Russian Federation. The lag between placing an order and actual delivery is 4-5 months.


The delivery is carried out with the following documents: order, invoice, the packing list, bill of lading, warehouse arrival list from the boarder’s broker.

The Main task:

Like every process has its miscalculations, shipping is not an exception. Goods might arrive early or too late, which may reflects on the business normal operation.

That’s why a 5 months predictions of supplies is required in order to minimize the risk of having additional costs.


Supplier, Order №, Invoice №, Packing list №, Container, Package, Nomenclature, Warehouse, Shipping to warehouse №.


order, invoice, packing list, bill of lading, arrival at warehouse.


Significantly reduced labor costs.