Developer | A-TECHS

Business description:

The company is purchasing the land and proceed with the construction projects of their own. Some of the work is done by the company but some are delegated to subcontractors. There are more than 7 projects usually are in process. Numbers – 30 employees. Some of them are attached to the the specific projects and some are obligated with different tasks for every project. There are one economist, one supplier and one coordinator. The financing business process is: Technical solution→ Order→ Request for the delivery→ Request for payment→ Vendor payment→ Supply→ Costs corrections.

The main task:

  1. Organize the financing business process for projects. One month financing planing. Commitment of intentions and change management in the procurement nomenclature. Application execution control.
  2. Construction costs calculation for every project.

Objects: An object, Stage of work, Sub-work, The status, Visa, Staff, Expenditures, Nomenclature.


Work order, Supply request, Payment request, Vendor payment, Shipment to project, Report, Advance report, Costs transfer, Payroll.


Successful construction cost calculation, economist labor cost reduced for 5 day/months.