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Integration Company

Business description 

The company is mainly focused on integrating an ERP systems based on 1C platform. As soon as an integration is over the client has around 1 month of free service. And after a free service period most of the clients are switched to a month to month service payment. There are 30 employees are working in the support service.

The working process is : in case a client has any sort of a problem he might leave a request for an immediate support. Such request is accepted by an administrator and transferred to a team members. An administrator is obligated to set a level of difficulty with directly reflected on a labor costs.

As the request is transferred to a service support team, an employee is proceeds with help. The time spent on the request is strictly taken into account. This time is to be counted for the online invoice.

The client also has a chance to valuate the work and in case he is not satisfied, the request might be replaced and sent back to work.

The main task

1) распределение заявок между сотрудниками 2) хранение информации в случае спорных ситуаций 3) автоматический расчет суммы выставляемой клиенту (для платной поддержки) 4) автоматический расчет заработной платы сотрудникам (в зависимости от количества выполненных «Заявок» их грейда и ставки сотрудника.

  1. Appropriate requests transfer between the team
  2. Online data storage for any emergency
  3. Automatic invoice calculation for a client
  4. Automatic labor cost calculation


В проекте были реализованы следующие решения A-TECHS

There are following solutions been implemented by A-Techs



Task, The client, The client’s employee, The company’s employee, Task performer, Status.


The task, Task performance, Revenue accrual, Labor accrual, Setting employee rates, Setting services rates.


Экономия средств и времени при внедрении системы учета на A-techs.io (неделя, вместо 2-х месяцев разработки на 1С).

Time and resources saving with A-Techs software integration.