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Sale of micromodels

Business description:

The company orders one container a month from China loaded with kids toys. After that the company only carries a retail. There are no direct deposits with Chinese logistics companies but lots of complicated settlement processes. A few workers are putting tougher a final order and preparing the container for shipping.

The main task:

1) The shipment process control

2)There are more than one business owner, that’s why its important to have an accurate profit report every month. The cost calculation in national currency is complicated, since payments are made in different currencies, different tranches with different exchange rates and with the different cost of transit operations.

3) It is required to ensure accounting of mutual settlements between all participants of mutual settlements.

4) Billing reserves


Containers, Supplier, Goods, Accountants, Payments channels.


Acquisition of currency, Payment, Container shipment, Container arrival, Goods reserve for a client, Sale of goods, Payment from a client, Payment of salary, Payment of general expenses, Charging of salary, Charging of expenses.


Saving time when calculating the cost (5 days per month), a single database.