Управленческий учет | Marketing agency | A-TECHS
Marketing agency

Business description

The company carries out marketing projects: setting up advertising campaigns on the Internet. A distinctive feature is a large number of transit payments that are transferred to the final service providers: Google, Facebook and others.

The main task

Accounting of payments, calculation of the balance of debt on transit advertising payments, calculation of the company’s profit on a cash basis. It was necessary to download a statement from the bank and distribute each payment between the Projects and Cost Items. Ability to work for many employees with a history of changes and access rights.


The following A-TECHS solutions were implemented in the project.

  • the project timeline
  • Payroll
  • Balance
  • Accounting for profit


Order, Customer, Item of income / expenses, Current accounts, Supplier, Employees.


Payment, Receipt of money.


Convenience compared to Excel, the ability to distribute access rights and work in one database for many employees.