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Accounting services

Business description:

The company performs accounting calculations for third-party clients. The company has 20 accountants. The company has a specialization of accountants in the areas of accounting. This leads to the fact that several accountants work on the account of one client and each accountant works on the account of several clients. Accountants receive a permanent salary depending on their grade and experience.

The main task:

Measure the time of work of an employee for each client, automatically divide the wages between clients and thereby calculate the profit from each client, profit, DDS, automatic calculation of the bonus part of the salary, mutual settlements for salary.


Client, Accountant, Land, Contract.


Conclusion of a contract, Cancellation of a contract, Change of a contract rate, Appointment of a client to an employee, Rate to an employee, Fixing time, Accruing revenue, Payroll, Paying from a client, Paying salary, Paying common expenses.


Statistics of the complexity of customers, depending on the types of customers, on the basis of these data, the management of the price of the contract with the client.