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Express delivery

Business description:

The company delivers food from any outlet. Active advertising on the Internet, receiving the order by logisticians, transferring it to the courier. The courier purchases food, pays for it in cash at the point closest to the customer and delivers the goods to the customer. 40 couriers, 5 logisticians. Couriers can use their own funds for the purchase, part of payments for orders comes to the card, some in cash.

The main task:

Automation of payroll calculations for couriers, mutual settlements with couriers (which is complicated by partial payments to the card and cash). Total DDS, PPS, statistical reports. Also, the system should transfer information between employees: whether the prepaid order came or not, whether the money came from the courier.


Order, Customer (phone address), Restaurant or network, Courier, Logistician, Nomenclature, statuses, Accounts / cards.


Order, Payment from the client (on the card / account), Payment from the courier, transfer of money between accounts, Payroll.


4 hours a day to save the executive’s executive time on checking settlements, 2 hours a day to save time for an accountant by integrating with payment systems and plastic cards, automatically notifying logists of the DS receipt from customers.