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Baskets for air conditioners

Business description:

The company has a patent for baskets for air conditioners. Receives orders from construction companies and manufactures them in specialized factories. To get discounts, many orders from customers fall into one order at the manufacturing plant. After production at the factory and arrival in boxes at the company’s warehouses, they are distributed according to customer orders and colors, transported to painting sites and then sent to customers.

The task of accounting is to monitor and control the “supply chain”. The delivery consists of the following stages: 1) Sales order 2) aggregation of many orders into one specification at the factory 3) arrival from the factory of parts 4) determination for each detail of the Customer’s Order and color 5) formation of parts for painting in separate boxes 6) painting 7) shipment to customer

There are 5 things that complicate accounting.

  • 40 types of products and 20 types of refleniya
  • 30% of parts are the same for different products, it is not clear to which product and order they belong
  • 1000 colors, in one order may be different colors
  • Many customer orders merge into one factory order, which makes it difficult to understand: “to which product / order / color” does this part belong?
  • There are three equipment configurations at the factory: “delivery from wheels”, “take from the warehouse and not order in return”, “take from the warehouse, but report”.

The main task:

  • Solve the problem of dismantling (automatically calculate the number of parts ordered at the factory)
  • Distribute parts on orders and colors
  • Take into account the movement of parts throughout the “chain”, where in the “chain”, in which box the order details are located
  • Know about every detail what color it needs to be painted.
  • Know what color is already painted detail
  • Have a list for painting: box // part // quantity // color
  • Have a shipping list box // item // qty // color


Customer, Order, Manufacturer, Specification, Lot, Nomenclature, Color, Type of Corrugation, Box, Paint Supplier, “Delivery chain”.


Order, Specification, Delivery, Distribution to order, Paint job, Send for paint, Shipment of order.


Material management was transferred from the deputy director to ordinary logisticians.