Custom production of curtains

15 designers, 4 seamstress, 3 drivers, 2 coordinators, 1 economist, 1 director.


1) advertising on the Internet, 2) the designer receives the Order, 3) the designer oversees the purchase of fabric, 4) the designer oversees sewing in the workshop 5) oversees the delivery 6) hangs the curtains 7) receives money 8) signs the documents The Designer has a small permanent part of the RFP and a very large premium for the order, therefore all coordination is carried out outside the program in messengers and mail.

How does the company manage the profit?

Designer gets the bonus: (Gross *% + Profit * %).

The main task:

  • automatic calculation of profit for each Order
  • comparison of plan and fact on order
  • automatic calculation of designer’s bonus
  • labor calculation
  • payroll transfer
  • P&L, balance


Order, Customer, Employees, Nomenclature, Cost Items, Bank Accounts.


Order of the client, Payment of expenses of the order, Delivery of the order (with calculation of the award, check of mutual settlements), Payment of other expenses


+ 5 business days are saved for the executive director. Exact profit calculation, statistical reports, Balance sheet.