Business description:

5 designers, 2 seamstresses, 2 installer-courier-driver, 1 coordinator, 1 economist, 1 director. The principal difference from the Design Center project is that in this company the Designer is not responsible for organizing the entire process until shipment. Therefore, automation of the coordination process was required.

The main task:

Coordination of the interaction process:

  • Designer conveys the need for fabric
  • Coordinator sends a request for fabric to the supplier
  • The economist makes the payment
  • The coordinator clarifies the availability of fabric and other materials from the supplier.
  • Coordinator prepares a trip plan for the courier for the next day
  • Courier receives a plan and delivers to the shop
  • The coordinator assigns the sewing sequence in the workshop
  • Coordinator monitors the execution of tasks for sewing

Automatic accrual of salary, cash flow, statement of payment, settlements with clients and employees.


Order, Customer, Employees, Nomenclature, Cost Items, Bank Accounts.


Order, Supplier Request, Supplier Invoice, Fabric Readiness, Courier Travel Plan, Fabric Delivery, Tailoring Task, Sewing, Delivery.


Lack of randomness in the processes, 2 hours of savings per day for the coordinator, +3 hours for the manager.