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Today, automation is not available for small companies, and the solutions themselves are already cheap. But typical solutions are never suitable because accounting and business are all very varied. And the main costs are not a “box” or a “subscriber” (for the cloud), “but a refinement for yourself”. 

So far, the proportion is as follows: the solution costs $ 1 = cost of implementation $ 20. Even the most advanced solution, in which everything can be solved by settings (checkboxes), does not change these proportions. Because, remember all these checkboxes, because not everyone, too, can become them, but people working in this field. Although they are not called programmers, they cost the same.

And tuning in large systems also takes a lot of time. That is, it still turns out to be expensive: even if not “1 to 20”, but “1 to 10” – the proportion remains the same.

There is a second reason. A small company can not find a specialist to “refine” for themselves.

As a result, often there is no accounting in small companies.

Is it possible to create a managerial accounting tool kit?

What could you do for yourself? A constructor like Excel, so that you can, like in Excel: name the lines and columns as you want, put any formula. Excel is good for everyone. But it is difficult to divide access in it, you can accidentally damage the data, there is no referential integrity.

What if to make the system a little less flexible than Excel, but to solve the problems of data integrity, access to them, and at the same time leave it to the tool kit?

Secondly, to make the management accounting tool kit so simple that the setup takes as much time as in Excel (we solve the problem of “high cost of rework”).

And thirdly, to make it an open platform for both clients and professionals who can implement accounting and know IT. Create a kind of UBER, where the site often meet Business and Specialist.


We do it. Service A-TECHS.