Accounting | Overview | A-TECHS

Management Accounting Service

A-Techs- the tool kit
or business management system, which allows you
to get rid of IT and accounting 3rd parties

How it works?

Whith A-Techs service you can create a system for your operational tasks without programming in a short time

You can configure an accounting model, by using interactive tool kit of catalogs and operations of your business

The entire required sequence is set using formulas

Reports can be generated directly in the system, Excel or Google Docs

Five tools are meant solve any accounting tasks

  • Catalogs – describing all Objects, interacts with your business
  • Operations – the set of actions that runs your business
  • Registers – tablets where you keep records of all changes
  • Functions - any data extraction, analysis and performing calculations
  • Reports – indicators that state a current status of your business

Reports and Analytics

From standard: Balance, Accounts receivable, Current balances, Offsets, Cost, Plan / Fact, Profit and losses, Cash flow, etc

Individually customizable for any business needs

Quick setup

A-techs will be setup for you in 1-3 weeks

Business time is priceless, so we made every minute counted

One solution for any tasks

A-techs – allows you to solve any business cases

  • Planning and accounting of inventory
  • Any recipes and specifications
  • Future sales trend
  • Payroll


Integration with any other systems, such as
Client-Bank, ECommerce,
Google Sheets, Square


Flexible access rights,
such as
Enterprise system


Microsoft Azure
cloud technologies,
secure access from anywhere