Security | A-TECHS


Your data is available only to you.

Only you and no one else have access to your data. None of our employees, with the exception of 2 people of our company, have access to the administrative panel of the Service. We do not use your data for personal purposes and do not disclose them to third parties. Our business is associated with the implementation of a convenient service and does not overlap with the activities of your company.

Full data backup

We protect all your data and take all necessary measures for their safety. With a periodicity of several hours, in automatic mode, the system backs up, which allows us to restore the system even after a complete failure of the servers or the accidental deletion of your data.

System reliability

To ensure the reliability of the system, we use a geographically distributed network of servers (Microsoft Azure cloud service) located in the Russian Federation. Data between them is constantly synchronized in real time, which eliminates the loss of data in the event of an emergency situation. In the event of an accident, as soon as possible, all requests will be transferred to an available server.

Data Link Encryption

All data transmitted between your browser and the Service is protected by an SSL security certificate. The 256-bit encryption mechanism prevents unauthorized access to transmitted packets between your computer and ATECHS Service.

Authorization protection

By logging in to the ATECHS Service, you can be sure that your session will not be stolen and used to steal your data. Sessions of users are stored in special database tables, have a limited period of life, the session ID is changed every few minutes, which allows you to make the theft of sessions useless for attackers.