Team | A-TECHS

Sergey Deev

Accounting expert, worked in financial and economic departments of various companies, as well as in IT integration companies.

Project Role: CEO, Product Methodologist

“All economists love Excel. The main reason is not even flexibility, but versatility. Excel is just like mathematics. I learned a formula or some method in solving one problem, and … this method will not let you down in solving other problems. ”

“There is nothing in accounting except for turnovers, residues and flat multidimensional tables in which you need to fit the data. And in order to “put” the data in flat tables, four tools are enough. In Excel, this is CDF, SUMMESLIMN, IF and Summary Table. ”

Mikhail Zyubin

Software developer. For 8 years, he led the development team for the BIT.FINANCE solution, one of the top products on the accounting systems market.

Project Role: Development Team Leader

“In the modern world in the field of IT for 5 years approaches and technologies almost completely change. There must be something fundamentally new and on the market
accounting systems. ”

Oleg Komissarov

Senior Vice President of the international company DataArt (, specializing in software development for the Financial and other industrial markets. Has 20 years of experience in development, design and management of medium and large projects for banks, rating companies, investment funds and financial technology companies. Specializes in the design and development of corporate software in the United States and European countries.

Project Role: Advisor

“All accounting tools can be divided into two large groups: Enterprise systems (1C, SAP, Axapta, etc.) and Excel. And oddly enough, Excel in this contest wins. In my opinion, approximately 80% of all accounting tasks in the world are solved in Excel. ”

“All those involved in accounting (economists, financiers, analysts) have long expected a product in which changes specific to each business can be made quickly, without IT and investment, independently and efficiently. Until now, this product was Microsoft Excel.

Yes, it provides greater freedom of action, but the “bare” Excel lacks tools for centralizing and controlling changes, re-using business modules without copying logic. Excel Hell is a very well known issue.

But if you take the best from the world of Excel: the freedom to quickly and intuitively expand functionality, and combine with the ability to manage changes at the level of IT standards, then for small and medium businesses such a platform will be more attractive than well-known heavy and expensive solutions such as 1C, SAP, Axapta and other. ”

Mikhail Khrustalev

IT security specialist, IT specialist with a broad specialization. For 10 years he has led the IT security department.

Project Role: Adviser, IT Security Consultant